Akosua Cartoons in the Daily Guide: A Discourse Analysis

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Journal of Communications, Media & Society
This pioneering effort in using discourse analysis to describe editorial cartoons in a national daily explores the ontology of Akosua cartoons in the Daily Guide. Using the interpretive approach from the epistemic standpoint, the qualitative approach is utilied to identify sampling units through strategic sampling to respond to three propositions: 1. 'Akosua* cartoons will reflect the 'ideological standpoint of the publishers*.2. Akosua* cartoons will dwell more on 'political* issues than on other issues. 3. * Akosua* cartoons will be gender blind in the portrayal of issues. The study used two theories, construction of reality and ethnomethodology to provide a context for understanding * Akosua* cartoons. First, the particular ideological standpoint of the publisher is reflected in the content of cartoons. Second, when it comes to the type of issues covered, it was clear that there is an emphasis on political news. For this publisher the overarching ideological and strategic position is the three Ps: pro-democracy, professionalism and profits. The second issue of gender shows that there is no gender policy and the coverage of women is essentially neutral.
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