Media Representation and the Ghanaian Youth

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Journal of Communications, Media & Society
Media portrayal of the youth in most societies, particularly Ghana, over the years has been one of controversy. The perception of the youth as being dangerous, reckless and posing a threat to the future of the nation has been the main driver for this study. Using a well-thought-out objective and research questions, this paper has strived to tease out some useful understandings concerning notions of crime, violence, education and politics relative to the youth in Ghana as represented in the Ghanaian media/press. In these contested constructions, a well-thought-out research methodology involving both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to address the issues framing the study. While the quantitative aspect used content analysis to help unpack statistical variables, the qualitative dimension involving textual analysis delved into aspects of literary deployments that provide ample testimony of the representations of the youth. The analysis indicated that images of youth involved in criminal activities were dominant in the media/press. Most of the images presented about young people are not just quantitatively dominated by a one-sided negative image of youth, but also to some degree, qualitatively exaggerated and misleading.
Research Article