Developing Language Skills for Effective Global Partnerships

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Journal of Communications, Media & Society
The concept of celebrating differences reached humanity rather late in the stream of human endeavours; yet that notion also probably underscores current efforts to legitimise spaces to rectify past attempts at socio-cultural displacement. Recognising differences as shared phenomena rather than a weapon for patronage might have spared the ancient and modern worlds the unpleasant experience of colonisation. That recognition is yet to be jully grasped even by the contemporary world. Globalisation is a commendable human endeavour and worth attention. All countries are affected by this global phenomenon. Through globalisation, humanity is making strides to bridge hitherto seeming insurmountable gaps, thus ensuring a certain amount of acceptance of others. That language is a unifying factor in these human endeavours cannot be overemphasised. This paper discusses English language from three perspectives: The first section locates language in the centre of past socio-cultural discord among written and oral cultures. The second part discusses the major breakthroughs in human relations due to improved communication channels. The final part considers the crucial need for developing effective language and communications skills within the global relations and how the Ghanaian educational system could aid technical graduates to maximise their marketability through language.
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