The Measurement of Christian Workers’ Citizenship Behaviour in Contemporary Workplace in Kumasi, Ghana

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European Journal of Business and Management
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate an adaptation of organisational citizenship behaviour scale for measuring Christian workers’ behaviour. This study used self-reported questionnaire from 530 valid respondents for analysis. This technique is intended to improve organisational citizenship behaviour measurement and its extended practice among Christians whose faith requires them to do same. Two dimensions of organisational citizenship behaviour are important in the context of Christian workers in Kumasi. The Christian workers are found to exhibit citizenship behaviour in line with their faith. The research implication to this finding is that, other organisational citizenship behaviour scales should be applied on Christian workers to compare results. Also, same measurement method should be used on other faith workers and compare the results with this modified organisational citizenship behaviour measurement. Further research should be tested on other faith workers in abroad for in depth understanding of the construct. The practical implication of this study shows that, management of organisations can have better understanding of Christian workers’ behaviour at the work place, thereby improving the usefulness of the Christian faith at the work place. The current findings have provided valuable insights into organisational citizenship measurement in Ghana as given by Christian workers.
Research Article
Obuor, R., Banahene, S. & Aboagye Da-Costa, C. (2017). The measurement of Christian workers’ citizenship behavior in the contemporary workplace in Kumasi, Ghana. European Journal of Business and Management, 9(17):42-50.