An Analysis of The Relationship between Employee Communication and Business Productivity: A Study of Theovision International, Accra.

Internal communication has evolved into an element that is crucial for the success of any organization when adopted effectively. According to the Excellence theory of public relations, a symmetrical system of internal communication increased employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and with the organization. Furthermore, internal communication affects the ability of strategic managers to engage employees (Welch & Jackson. 2007). This study explores the relationship between employee communication and business productivity at Theovision International, Accra and also analyzes the impact internal communication has on business productivity. The study used a mixed method approach which used survey questionnaires and interviews among a sample of 41 employees. In line with related literature, the study revealed that there is a relationship between employee communication and business productivity. It also confirmed that employee communication positively impacts on the latter. Following findings from the research, it was recommended that Theovision International, Accra adopts a two – way symmetrical internal communication system where feedback from employees is seriously considered. Also, team work and informal events which strengthen internal communication must be encouraged at the organization.