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    The Impact of Marketing Communication Spend on Brand Awareness and Profitability - A Case Study of Selected Banks in Ghana
    (UniMAC-GIJ, 2017-09) Awuku, Kenneth
    The main objective of this research was to find out the relevance of marketing communication spend and its impact on brand awareness and profitability, using some selected banks in Ghana. A mixed method study was conducted in which a sample size of fifty (50) professionals were selected from the Banking sector, the Advertising Association of Ghana, the Institute of Public Relations, and some corporate communication practitioners. Many findings were identified, notably were resources such as money, time, humans, and machinery, among others been commonly used by the banks to support their marketing communications. Human resource is the most used resource among the lot in the banks marketing activities. For the factors that are involved in marketing communication spend, the study concluded that awareness creation, customers' interest, and the purchase of the offer generated prospective customer interested. This impacted on whether marketing communication spend has an impact on brand awareness. It was also noted that the impact of marketing communications on profitability has affected positively the profitability of. the banks. In other words, serving the customer and making profit is the main goal of most organizations. Suggestions for further research included investment in human resources, reduction in turnover rate, review of marketing communications budget and increase in the marketing communications budget allocation.
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    The Role of Social Media in the Personal Branding of Ghanaian Musicians
    (UniMAC-GIJ, 2020-10) Mensah-Doku, Nisirine Ashorkor
    The phenomenon of personal branding has received a lot of attention and has increasingly been contested and debated. In an age where the internet has permeated several aspects of our lives, everything seems to be mediated. The evolution and resultant proliferation of social media has brought some changes to the processes of personal branding, affording individuals with direct tools to manage and promote their brands. This essay seeks to analyze the role of social media in the personal branding efforts of musicians in Ghana. The study will contribute to the scores of literatures on the subject by narrowing in on how musicians in Ghana use social media to boost their brands, and the various advantages that social media has been to their careers as well as their brands as celebrities. The study also seeks to explore, by way of analyzing their social media pages, exactly how they use social media to boost their brands. The study will also bring to the fore, the challenges regarding their use of social media for branding purposes. The study proposes a qualitative technique where ten individuals from the music industry will be interviewed, as well as the content of their social media pages qualitatively analyzed. The findings will augment existing literature and provide a useful insight regarding the nuances associated with social media personal branding among celebrities in Ghana.
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    The Role of Public Relations in Promoting Tourism in Ghana: A Study of Greater Accra Region
    (UniMAC-GIJ, 2020-10) Prempeh, Victoria Osei
    The study seeks to indicate what the significance and primary pillar for building, developing and sustaining the image of Accra as an attractive destination for tourists. This exploratory study seeks to find out what the roles of Public Relations are in the tourism sector, using Accra as a case. A mixed methodology approach was used. Data was gathered through interviewing staff at the GTA and distributing of questionnaires to students. Analysis was done through content analysis and SPSS data package. The findings revealed that Public Relations has a major role to play in the promotion of tourism in Accra. However, more needs to be done to make the promotional function of the PR Office visible. PR at the GTA is applied to events through the creation of messages about the programme, advocacy and building beneficial relations. The department also engages with management, helps to brainstorm about events and ensure that the maximum impact of the programme is achieved. The study recommends that the GTA PR Department gets a social media manager to increase their social media presence, engage in timely feedback and to build a strong social media presence and relations.
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    The Millennial Consumers’ Perception of Social Media Influencers During the Purchase Decision Process
    (UniMAC-GIJ, 2020-10) Tetteh, Andrews Nii Okai
    Engaging social media influencers to promote business ideas, products and services by Public Relations Professionals is becoming a common practice in the profession. This is based on the idea that people with significant following on social media can help brands influence consumers during consumer buying decision process. This qualitative study used qualitative literature review method to explore the millennial consumer’s perception of social media influencers at each phase of the consumer buying decision process. Through research, this study proposed a new dynamic conceptual consumer buying decision model to explain the various consumer buying decision processes. It also developed five key propositions. These are; Social Media influencers will trigger need recognition among certain youth-oriented product categories, Social Media Influencers are digital brand information repository, Niche Social Media Influencers must be credible product reviewers not just endorsers, Social Media Influencers provide purchase leads and Consumers pass judgment on the social media influencer.
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    A Study of the Role of Public Relations Practitioners in the 2020 Political Election - A Ghanaian Case Study.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Gaewu, Courage Kwame
    Despite the growing acknowledgement of Public Relations (PR) practice within the corporate environment, it has not been integrated and embraced into the political space of Ghana. Various perceptions about the practice has created a barrier to the appreciation of the relevant role PR practitioner's play for various political parties during an election. In 2020 however, amidst the emergence of the corona virus, a general election was held and many PR practitioners were engaged by different political parties to handle the strategic communication aspect of their campaigns. The purpose of this study was to explore the role of Public Relations practitioners in the context of the 2020 election of Ghana. This study explored the role of the PR practitioners of a political party in the 2020 election, the strategies employed as PR practitioners at promoting and protecting the image of the presidential candidate and political party during the 2020 election, as well as the practitioners engagement with the electorate in the 2020 election. The two major political parties in Ghana that participated in the 2020 election were at the center of the study, that is, New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress. Thus, the study concentrated on the PR practitioners of these two political parties. Qualitative methodology was used for the study and data were collected through the semi structured interviews of 10 PR practitioners from both National Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC). The data were coded and analyzed using the thematic approach. Findings from the study revealed that roles of the public relations practitioner were communicating of political party's position on policies, monitoring of political discussion in the media, building of relationship with the voters, persuasion of voters and acting as a guardian of information and communication on issues and candidates. The use of propaganda and persuasive communication were identified from the findings to be some of the strategies employed by the public relations practitioners to protect the image of the political party and candidates. Findings from the study also indicated that the engagement of the public relations practitioners with the electorates focused on vote winning messages. Recommendations include increasing participants by incorporating PR practitioners from other political parties. The major conclusion of the study is that there is a gradual appreciation of the role of Public Relations practice within political parties in Ghana. The implication of this is that interventions and programs are needed to harness the full benefits of public relations practitioners' participation in the democratic electioneering process of Ghana and other developing nations.
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    A Study of Female Managers, Public Relations Departments.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Gyamesi, Jemima
    The purpose of this research was to find out how gender and leadership stereotypes have Impacted women’s access , success and experiences in leadership roles in Public Relations. A qualitative in-depth interviews was employed to gather data Data was collected through interviews with 10 women working in leadership positions in the public relations field and analyzed based on themes and using the Feminist Standpoint Theory and the Liberal feminist theory which were the theories underpinning this research . The study found six major themes related to the experiences of these women leaders in public relations: (a) promotional barriers, (b) double standards for women, (c) pressure of stereotypes, (d) leadership styles, female competition and bullying, and (f) optimism about the future. The study found that these women thought that gender has influenced the challenges and success they have faced in their careers; Specifically, the participants described their challenges as promotional barriers as well as inequalities in salary and representation in leadership roles. The findings also indicated that these women thought they were perceived as leaders in both a positive and negative light and believe a double standard exists between women and men leaders. Finally, the study also found an issue with female competition in the form of workplace bullying. However, the participants see a shift happening in the field of public relations regarding gender issues, which they believe will benefit women. This study recommends that laws are put in place in organizations and in government such that equity is achieved among men and women alike in the workplace. Also, Developing mentorship programs for women in leadership roles to connect with those women in high school or college could be a way to show young women that women do have a spot in leadership and to help create advocates for other women. There are several opportunities for future research to further develop these findings and to arrive at a greater understanding of women in leadership roles in Public Relations. One particular area that could be to open the study includes both male and female perspectives regarding women in leadership roles. Another area could be to dive deeper into the issue of interpersonal relationships within the workplace and specifically look into female competition and workplace bullying. This study found that gender has influenced the experiences of a selected group of women leaders in public relations in a variety of ways, such as salary, promotions and expectations. It is likely that gender will continue to impact women’s experiences until equity is achieved. It concludes that the influx of women within the profession does not devalue the profession. Therefore society must work toward achieving equity for women.
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    A Lighter Generation: A Study of Skin Bleaching among the Ghanaian Youth.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Mensah, Rebecca
    Skin bleaching is a practice that raises public health concerns due to its more serious side effects. The practice, especially among Ghanaian youths, has become a trend due to proliferation and accessibility of cosmetics products containing skin bleaching chemicals. This study explores skin bleaching by looking at the role played by the Food and Drugs Authority as a regulator, their communication of interventions and public perspectives on skin bleaching regulation. As an explorative study, it adopts a qualitative research design to get in-depth responses from respondents understanding, viewpoints and experiences. Purposeful and convenient sampling methods put together 17 participants with data collected through semi structure in-depth interviews and focus group discussion. Thematic analysis revealed that even though the FDA regulates cosmetic products including skin bleaching products, it does not regulate the skin bleaching practice. Findings of the study also reveal that a policy on skin bleaching together with other interventions such as public education is the sure way to control the practice.
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    Assessing the Influence of Relationship Marketing and Communication on Customer Loyalty
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Darko, Michelle
    The study assessed the influence of relationship marketing on customer loyalty with Promasidor Ghana Limited used as its case. Through a quantitative data analysis of the responses of eighty (80) respondents, the study proved that, the influence of relationship marketing and communication on customer loyalty and organizational productivity is as a result of the fact that, customers’ are satisfied with Promasidor Ghana products, customers are provided with stellar customer service and customers have a good relationship with Promasidor Ghana limited. In line with the study objective of assessing the influence of relationship marketing on consumer loyalty, the study suggests that, further studies must be conducted on the elements of relationship marketing and their impact on organisational performance.
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    Assessing Interactive Online Communication and Its Effect on Public Relations Outcomes with Insight from Selected Banks.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Mensah-Aborampah, Mabel
    The study assessed how organizations in the banking industry use interactive online communication enabled by technology to achieve overall organizational success through their public relations efforts. In order to achieve this, the interactive online communication channels of GCB Bank and Fidelity Bank were investigated to ascertain how they use interactive online communication in their practice and to find out if these channels have been effective tool for the banks. By employing a mixed method approach, data was collected from 100 customers of GCB Bank and Fidelity Bank. This afforded the study to use the survey approach while employing non-probability sampling technique. The findings showed that the channels mostly used by respondents included face-to-face interactions, USSD, social media and through emails. It was also realized that interactive online communication affected respondents’ perception of their bank positively. As a recommendation, the study proposed that banks as well as other corporate organizations invest in adopting interactive communication as part of its communication strategy.
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    Assesing the Impact of Forestry Commission’s Social Responsibility Agreement Development Program on Fringe Communities: A Study of Nkwankwaa and Bobra Communities.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Allotey, Clara
    This study assessed the involvement of fringe communities in SRA scheme, benefits gained by communities and role of the forestry commission in the SRA scheme in two communities fringing the Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve in the Offinso Forest District, Ghana. A total of 50 respondents were selected from both communities for the questionnaire administration and 5 participants for the key informant interviews. The study revealed that members in both communities are aware of the SRA scheme and are also involved in negotiations through representatives. Benefits such as schools, roads and community centers have been received by both communities through the SRA. Challenges such as individual capture of SRA monies, projects not reflecting community needs, additional request by community members, lack of accountability and transparency were identified.
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    An Evaluation of Public Relations Practice in Public Sector Institutions: A Case of Selected Government Agencies in Ghana.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Boakye, Afua Kwabea
    The practice of Public Relations has become increasingly crucial in aiding organizations reach their goals and objectives. The centrality of Public Relations roles is to manage relationships between organizations and their publics through the use of communicative tools and strategies. In more recent times, PR has gained some grounds in public institutions, gradually holding a lot of significance in how public institutions operate. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the practice of public relations in Public institutions and its effectiveness to achieving organizational goals. The study was underpinned by the excellence theory and the systems theory. Qualitative research approach was employed in this study, semi-structured interview guide based on the objective of the study was used for data collection. Thematic data analysis was done based on prevailing themes during the interview. The findings of the study revealed that PR is considered a crucial part of public institutions and therefore acknowledged as a member of the dominant coalition. In addition, the study also found that the practice of Public Relations was seen as effective in aiding public institutions reach their organizational objectives. Furthermore, the study pointed out that PR is effective in organizations as they perform diverse functions and activities that manage the reputation and aid public institutions achieve their aims and objectives. Notwithstanding, the study also identified the following as challenges affecting Public Relations Practitioners in most organization: lack of adequate funds in executing their duties, Lack of logistics, negative reportage among others. Based on the findings, the study recommended that policy formulators of public institutions should ensure that Public Relations is a key member of the dominant coalition, also management of public institutions should ensure funds are made available to equip PR in their organization in order to contribute more effectively to organizational goals achievement.
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    An Assessment of Effective Communication in Mitigating Human Wildlife Conflict in Shai Hills Resource Reserve.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Kwabia, Lydia Akosua
    This study sought to investigate the role of communication in mitigating human wildlife conflict at Shai Hills Resource Reserve. This study employs descriptive research design using questionnaires and interviews. The study involves 76 participants from various villages around Shai Hills Resource Reserve. The sample was collected and analysed using SPSS version 20 and Microsoft Excel. Analysis of the data shows that local communities around Shai Hills Forest Reserve are very tolerant with wildlife and do not retaliate against wildlife. However, they do not take part in any conservative measure and also do not benefit from the reserve. This study hence recommends intensive education of the benefits of wildlife and how the reserve can be profitable to the local communities.
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    An Assessment of Customer Engagement with Insurance Companies on Social Media Platforms.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Kwashie, Georgina Emefa
    A lot of studies on social media usage, especially among young people have found that young people use social media for communication, entertainment, to alleviate boredom, etc. but much attention has not been given to how customers use social media for insurance engagement. This study therefore examined factors which hinder customer engagement with insurance companies on social media platforms. Using the mix method research design the study sampled the views of 150 respondents (questionnaire) and 5 interviewees (interview guide) quantitatively and qualitatively respectively. Findings indicate that lack of knowledge on the benefits of insurance, especially among the millennial and negative perception about poor claim payment associated with the industry, hinders customer engagement, even on social media. Besides, issues on job hunting, sports, education and entertainment attracted the attention of customers more than information on insurance on social media platforms. The study concluded that the ever-growing influence of social media on consumer behaviour presents companies with opportunities and risks while the massive amount of content enables the identification of previously unknown patterns, preferences and trends. The study recommended insurance that companies should have a 24 hours response team working on their WhatsApp and Facebook platform. Also, there is the need for management to support the need for the strategic use of social media by linking specific types of content to different aspects of engagement to meet the demands of customers.
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    An Assessment of CSR on Livelihood Enhancement in Mining Communities: A Study of Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation.
    (2021-11) Atsu, Catherine
    The study’s main goal was to investigate CSR and how it affects mining communities’ livelihoods. In order to reach this aim, three objectives were set forth. These included assessing how CSR influences livelihood enhancement in mining communities, finding out if NADeF has improved the livelihood of the community members and ascertaining the perception of held by the community members of Newmont Ghana. In attaining this end objective, the study employed the qualitative approach through which in-depth interviews was employed as the data collection tool. Through this, data was collected from one (1) community member each sourced from each of the ten (10) mining communities within which Newmont operates. The findings showed that through NADeF, Newmont had augmented its CSR activities with the catchment area. It was as well found that NADeF’s CSR activities enhanced the livelihood of the mining communities and that it efforts improved the livelihood of the community members as well. This also led to the realization that because of the impact of NADeF’s activities, the perception the mining communities held of Newmont was in the positive light. The study recommends that businesses recognize and fulfill their social obligations. Even though it is not required, studies suggests that organizations who engage in CSR initiatives gain public support, which helps to improve their corporate image. Also, in order to maintain the long-term viability of CSR activities as well, there must be participation in the strategic use of social investment budgets as well as the implementation of an effective audit/review mechanism to improve CSR quality.
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    An Assessment of Corporate Reputation Management in a Digital Era: A Study of the Banking Industry in Ghana.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Aryee, Abraham Nii Ayitey
    Against the backdrop of the banking sector clean up that engulfed the country four years ago, there have been some estimations by scholars with regards to how this has affected the reputation of banks in general. More importantly, the role of social media in the escalation of the scandal informed the curiosity of the researcher to conduct an enquiry into the various ways in which banks in Ghana manage their corporate reputation in an increasingly digital era. The study was guided by three objectives which sought to understand the effect of advancement in digital technologies on the corporate reputation management of the banks, understand the effectiveness of the strategies employed in the management of the corporate reputation in a digital era and assess the challenges that confronts the banks in that regard. Using semi-structured interviews which involved the participation of four representatives from four banks in Ghana, the findings show that advancements in digital technologies have provided a tool for the management of the reputation of banks. The banks used innovative and creative digital solutions to offset and assuage the ability of digital media to impinge on their reputation. However, the various strategies employed by the banks were affected by challenges which were discovered through research, which was a central pillar in their corporate reputation management efforts. The researcher recommends that future studies should focus on a customer perception study to quantify the performance of these banks in the wake of digital technologies.
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    An Analysis of The Relationship between Employee Communication and Business Productivity: A Study of Theovision International, Accra.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Mawuxornam, Fumadorh Priscilla
    Internal communication has evolved into an element that is crucial for the success of any organization when adopted effectively. According to the Excellence theory of public relations, a symmetrical system of internal communication increased employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and with the organization. Furthermore, internal communication affects the ability of strategic managers to engage employees (Welch & Jackson. 2007). This study explores the relationship between employee communication and business productivity at Theovision International, Accra and also analyzes the impact internal communication has on business productivity. The study used a mixed method approach which used survey questionnaires and interviews among a sample of 41 employees. In line with related literature, the study revealed that there is a relationship between employee communication and business productivity. It also confirmed that employee communication positively impacts on the latter. Following findings from the research, it was recommended that Theovision International, Accra adopts a two – way symmetrical internal communication system where feedback from employees is seriously considered. Also, team work and informal events which strengthen internal communication must be encouraged at the organization.
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    An Analysis of the Internal Communication Flow of Organisations: A Case Study of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Tsey, Wendy Seyram
    Communication is regarded as the key to the success of every organization. Internal communication is the process used to interpret and communicate organizational strategies and goals. Through effective internal communication strategies, employees are well equipped with relevant information which will enable them to adequately address customer issues leading to improved customer satisfaction. Therefore, the importance of effective internal communication cannot be overemphasized. This study investigated the internal communication flow within the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Ghana. It adopted a mixed method research design, which involved the administration of questionnaires and interviews to the staff of SSNIT who constituted the respondents and participants respectively in the study area. The responses of the respondents and participants were analysed thematically. The result of the investigation revealed the need for improved internal communication within the organization. Management staff who were interviewed revealed that although internal communication is the role of the Corporate Affairs Department, it is also the responsibility of all staff members. A high number of neutral responses was received from the study participants, suggesting a disillusionment rising from ineffective internal communication practices within the organization. The study recommends that management staff should make internal communication a priority by undertaking frequent evaluations, assessments and audit of the approaches and outcomes of communication practices. In addition, management staff must maintain open door policy, approachable and accommodating towards staff members of the organization.
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    Communication in a Church and its Implication for Church Growth: A Study of the Methodist Church Ghana, Tema Diocese.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-12) Asante, Samuel Glover
    Communication in the workplace is a vital management component to any organization. This applies in no small way to the Church as an organisation, although few academic studies have focused on communication and its relationship to church activities and development. The aim of this study was to examine the internal communication activities of the Tema Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana and their implications for the growth of the Church within the Diocese. The study is guided by the media richness theory and the organizational information theory with a qualitative research design that used interview data from 8 officers of the Methodist Church Ghana in the Tema Diocese. The respondents included a bishop, lay chairman, pastors, stewards, and lay members to generate knowledge through their opinions on the communication structure, internal communication activities and their impact on the Methodist Church Ghana of the Tema Diocese. The study discovered that the Methodist Church Ghana’s communication structure connects lay members in the church’s societies to the presiding bishop at the national level. This communication structure is modelled after the church’s organogram and reporting structure, which prescribe the path for administrative correspondence and planning at the society, circuit, diocese and connexional levels. It was also found that the church’s communication activities are designed to flow through two main paths from the society level to the connexional or national level. With the church membership divided into classes and organizations in each society, communication can flow from each class or organization through leaders to the circuit, diocese and connexional levels. The informal approach has to do with members informally routinely approaching any church staff such as steward or minister in charge with a grievance or issue. Lastly, it was seen that effective communication has contributed to church growth on an individual society level. In spite of the positive observations made, it was also found that some pastors at the society level occasionally breach the laid down communication process when dealing with some matters. Also, the it was noted that even though the church has a structured communication process, it is unable to control how information flowing from one party will affect the receiving party. It is recommended that pastors in each society make efforts to deliberately teach lay members the church’s communication structure and process so members will know who to approach on any matter. In addition, this study provides a Pioneering perspective on the subject and can be referenced in future studies.
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    Change Management at The Port of Tema: A Case Study of Freight Forwarders Attitudes to New Policies.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Acquah-Hayford, Norvan
    In this era of globalisation and technological advancement, it has become necessary for the simplification, harmonisation and automation of the procedures applied to international trade, particularly the requirements and formalities related to importation and exportation with a view to further expediting the movement, release and clearance of goods, including goods in transit. This research was carried out to assess change management at the Port of Tema, a case study of freight forwarders attitudes to new policies. Simple random technique was used to sample the freight forwarders who were used for the study. A total of 300 freight forwarders were used for the study. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics, mean analysis inferential statistics analysis and regression analysis. Analysis of the data revealed that the Paperless Port System has helped to expedite the procedures involved in freight documentation, subsequently reducing freight clearance at the port and the replacement of the manual processes. The freight forwarders emphasised that they are strongly not against ICUMS port clearing reforms at the Tema port as it is meant to enhance trade facilitation just that there should be broader consultation and key agreements before the introduction and implementation of new policies. From the research, it is evident that the Paperless Port System has positive prospects of improving customs procedures and enhancing port efficiency as it has enhanced documentation, helped in revenue mobilization thereby increased revenue, among others. The research recommends periodic capacity building for all stakeholders as a matter of policy so they become accustomed to new trends and features of the paperless port clearing system. The study concludes that all stakeholders should contribute their quota to make ICUMS a success story and fulfil all trade related regulatory requirements.
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    Assessment of the Role of Social Media in Personal Branding in Ghana’s Music Industry.
    (UniMAC - GIJ, 2021-11) Johnson, Maxwell Oladipo
    This study is an assessment of the role of social media in the personal brands of the artistes in Ghana’s entertainment industry. The objectives that underscored the objectives of the study were exploring the various meanings that stakeholders in the music industry ascribe to personal branding, how social media is used in the promotion of personal brands in the music industry and the importance of social media in the development and building of personal brands. The study employed a qualitative approach where semi-structured interviews were conducted on six stakeholders that were conveniently sampled. The stakeholders constituted of two artistes, three artiste management and one entertainment analyst, pundit and journalist. The findings of the study showed that, there was an appreciation of the concept of personal branding and musicians were seen as individuals who need to manage their brands well. Social media was seen as a critical tool in that regard, and could prove to be either advantageous or negative depending on how it is used. Social media was observed to be used to facilitate engagement with the fans of musicians, promote their projects as well as compliment other communication efforts. The effective use of social media positively impacts on the brand. The use of social media is fraught with some challenges which can be minimized through the constitution of a team have the mandate and responsibility to manage their social media pages and interactions.