A Historical Analysis of Ghana’s Postal System Post the Internet Era

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It is not a disputable fact that the introduction of modern Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in communication has reduced the patronage of postal services in Ghana. For this reason this study focused on a comprehensive review approach to examine changes that taken place after the emergence of technology in communication, how Ghana’s postal services have been affected by ICT, how ICT can be incorporated into the postal system and the importance of ICT in the postal system. It was discovered that change cannot be avoided in any society and for that matter the introduction of ICT into the communication sector should not be seen as a threat to collapse of the postal sector but rather an opportunity to improve postal service delivery. This was observed to be achieved through training and also the provision of tools and logistics to the sector. It was also discovered that though ICT has come to make communication easier and faster, not all areas in Ghana have access to internet and for that matter why the postal sector should not be neglected. It is therefore important that further studies should be conducted to help determine customers and staff opinion on how modern ICT can be incorporated into the postal sector to make the sector vibrant and quick in communication and information delivery.