Dialogic Communications and Online Public Relations Practice: An Analysis of Two Web-Based Platforms of Ghana’s National Communications Authority

Using Kent and Taylor’s (1998) five principles of dialogic communication, this study examined the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana’s use of website and Facebook to engage stakeholders. A content analysis of the website and Facebook page of the NCA was conducted for a period of six months. The study analysed indicators of the five dialogic principles which are; dialogic loop, usefulness of information, generation of returned visits, ease of interface, and conservation of visitors. The study found that the five dialogic principles were minimally manifested on both website and Facebook page of the NCA as both platforms only employed principles ease of use and useful information adequately. Comparatively, posts made on the Facebook page and the website of the NCA were similar to an extent and the principle of useful information scored the highest points on both platforms. Finally, the study revealed that the website of the NCA did not allow two-way communication between the organisation and its publics. These findings may suggest that the NCA website did not foster direct feedback. The findings support existing literature and affirms what communication scholars such as Nam (2014) have reported.
Research Article