A Positive Role Model Framework in the Ghanaian Setting: Children Emulating their Parents in Career Choices

Parents are usually the first role models of children, not just through direct interactions but through the examples (attitudes, values, educational levels, success stories and careers) they set both within and outside the family setting. Parents influence the lives of children in many different ways including their career choices. This study therefore will explore how positive parental role modeling influences children in emulating the career of their parents.Using a qualitative research approach, a sample size of 20 will be used with Stratified random sampling technique to select respondents. Data will be analyzed using themes in response to the research questions. The data processing procedures for this study will be done manually, by categorizing, coding and summarizing key themes within the data gathered. The study will reveal the relationship that exists between a positive parental role modeling and children emulating the careers of their parents. Finally, the study will also reveal why children emulate the careers of their parents.