A Study of The Residents of Accra on the Relevance of Travel Agencies in an Online Business Era

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The increasing competitiveness in the global tourism market encourages tourism operators to invest more in promotion, resources, knowledge and quality in order to achieve satisfactory growth. This study sought to explore the relevance of travel agencies in an online business in Accra. The research methodology employed by this study was the qualitative approach. Here, secondary data was used to conduct a content analysis for the study. The findings of the study indicate that travel and tourism has not only become one of the world's largest industry but also grows consistently every year. Also, it was established that indeed online business has affected travel agencies, however this is in the positive light. The study recommended among other things that as much as this study is advocating for the adoption of the new trend of doing business, the regulatory agency of the hospitality industry must make efforts to ensure that data of the patrons are protected. Again, the regulator must draw and implement policies that will incentivise the travel agencies to adopt online transactions in order to raise the standard of the Ghanaian tourism industry as a whole in the tech-savvy sense.